James Ryan Requeima

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My Curriculum Vitae.

Machine Learning

I'm currently a PhD student studying machine learning at the University of Cambridge in the Computational and Biological Learning Lab. My advisor is Dr. Richard Turner. I'm interested in Bayesian optimization, reinforcement learning, approximate inference methods, and deep generative models.

Previously, I completed a Master's in machine learning, speech and language technology at the University of Cambridge where my advisor was Dr. Zoubin Ghahramani. During my Master's, I worked on an information theoretic acquisition function called IPES for Bayesian optimization. You can find my thesis and code here.


I’m also a researcher at Invenia Technical Computing based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We use machine learning techniques to forecast demand for power in the electricity grid, energy production from wind farms, and electricity prices in wholesale power markets. I helped set up our research offices in Montréal, Canada and Cambridge, England.

My colleagues at Invenia and I did some analysis on electricity price time series for a couple of North American wholesale electricity markets. You can find our paper here.


I am a tenured member of the Department of Mathematics at Dawson College in Montréal. If you're looking for CEGEP-level materials and online resources, my colleagues and I maintain this website.

When studying mathematics, my specialization was geometric group theory, combinatorial group theory, and algebraic topology. I studied under Dani Wise at McGill University, who was recently awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry. Here is my Master’s thesis.


I enjoy travelling and taking photographs. So far, I have been to Iceland, England, Portugal, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Cuba, China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand and India. You can read about some of my adventures here or check out some photos here.

I'm currently playing ice hockey for the Cambridge University Blues. If you want to follow our results you can do so here.